100 Lana private keys, but only a few of them will unlock coins

On the fourth day of the new decade 100 private keys will be posted on LanaCoin social media channels.


Only a small % of the keys will unlock random ammounts of LanaCoins. To claim coins you have two options.

Option 1:

Download LanaCoin desktop wallet, synchronize it and use the built in console to import the private key.

List of wallet commands can be found on LanaCoin Github or by typing “help” in the Debug/Console window.

Note that simply importing a private key that unlocks coins, does not mean you are in the clear as any person that has access to the same private key can do the same. You should transfer those coins to a new public address only you own the private key for as soon as possible or someone else will.

Example import of a private key “6uh2H6zZjK8o7eqfFdFbvUDT1zzJ4YTaUGnUb8z7p9NHmu4KfGP” that unlocks 1.11 Lana stored in the corresponding public key/address “LY9dcUmcYwovvtcia6uBq5USghYckhN9DF”

To move transfer those 1.11 $LANA to a new wallet/key, go to receive tab, create a new address first and copy it.

Cant find “Coin control features”? A hint you need to enable the function in wallet settings!

Cryptocurrencies are essentially an internet of secure cryptographic vaults. He/she who holds the key to the vault, can move the vaults content to a new vault. If you loose the key to the vault the content of the vault will remains in the vault forever.

Option 2:

Download mobile wallet CryptoWallet.si for android and set it up.

Select Lana and go to options and settings. (see image bellow)

Select “Sweep wallet”. You can type it in, copy paste it or convert the key into a QR code for scanning.

Sweeping the private key will create a new transaction and transfer the coins to an address generated on device. Private key can then be disscarded as the coins have moved from the assiated public key/address.

Now that you have mastered importing and sweeping private keys stay tuned on LANA social media channel for more private key posts. If you have been fast enough to claim/import/transfer/sweep a key before anyone else congratulations.

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