Lana gets its own private PokerStars Club aka LanaCoin Stars

As LanaCoin community evolves so do use cases for LANA cryptocurrency. On january 5th 2020 an innitiative was made by a LanaCoin telegram group member to establish a private PokerStars club. The idea quickly turned into a reality and a private/homegames PokerStars club named “LanaCoin Stars” was born. How to join LanaCoin Stars club? Download … Read more

What is Bitcoin halving and does LanaCoin have one?

The year 2020 will bring upon the Bitcoin network its 3rd blockreward halving since the genesis block. Bitcoin miners initially received 50 BTC as a reward for securing the network. The block reward was cut in half to 25 BTC in late november 2012 and the second halving reduced the block reward to 12.5 BTC … Read more

100 Lana private keys, but only a few of them will unlock coins

On the fourth day of the new decade 100 private keys will be posted on LanaCoin social media channels. Facebook – Twitter – Telegram Only a small % of the keys will unlock random ammounts of LanaCoins. To claim coins you have two options. Option 1: Download LanaCoin desktop wallet, synchronize it and use the … Read more

How to speed up Lana full node synchronization by importing blocks from bootstrap.dat?

What happens when you download and run LanaCoin desktop wallet for the first time? Wallet starts to download the entire Lana blockchain. Current size of the blockchain is aprox 220 MB (MegaBytes). Blockchain synchronization takes aprox 4 hours on an lowend desktop computer (2core cpu,3GB RAM, regular 5400rpm hdd). LanaCoin wallet has built in 9 … Read more

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