is not your usuall cryptocurrency exchange. The development and launch is something Lana can relate to.

Welcome to Insane, home of INSN. Here at insane we are developing ways to improve the crypto environment.
We are a community lead project that is “insane about crypto”
We with emerging cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies to bring the community as a whole advancement and ease of use within these areas.
Unlike many other projects out there we were not created or funded by a crowd sale, ICO or any other funding method that involved asking for your hard earned crypto for a future product that would probably never even arrive in any tangible form.
INSN and Insane exist due to the love of crypto and the hard work and dedication of its core team and community members all of whom want to make crypto a major part of everyday life for everybody on the planet.” is a full featured cryptocurrency exchange offering additional services to its users like proof of stake multipool, masternodes, aidrops and a faucet where you can get some free coins with no stings attached.

If you would like to stake your LanaCoin and compete for PoS rewards and dont have the time, skill or resources to keep a full node running you can entrust/deposit your coins to the Insane stake pool and your coin will collectivelly stake and compete for PoS rewards.

LanaCoin is paired with exchanges native proof of stake coin INSN and BTC.

If you desire to support Lana on kindly contribute to the faucet: LfJ3saJsd3gKBWiYqZqqtyGy8kaeE7f38j or surprise users with an aidrop by sending some LANA to: LReCDFvWTDjcG3WZUbxJGLYtrRMBbKaEbq. Both addresses can be verified here.

Despite giving a huge ammout of efford to security, you must understand that this is a centralized custodial exchange service and a place for trading. Exchanges should never be used as your personal coin bank/vault.

” Security is based on a reference system design. It’s all modules, wallets are located in another country to IIS, which is located in another country to SQL, this reference design means any attacker breaking in won’t be able to find the wallets, they are on a reference plane, and without knowing the plane you won’t find the wallets.”

” 100% of wallet data is heavily encrypted with AES Encryption, and keys over 1000 characters long, they won’t be broken in a hurry or a lifetime.”

“Account security includes but is not limited to, Interrogation, 2FA, Pin Code, Email Confirmations and SMS Notifications, almost every action is tracked on your account.”

To learn more about Insane visit Insane.Network.

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