Lana listed on Bololex exchange voting list while 1M $LANA airdrop awaits

To vote, firstly the user should have a Bololex account. Each user can vote once a day, without completing a trade. To vote more, the user should have done a trade of any value in the past 30 days. Each user initially has 5 energy. Casting vote depletes one energy from the user which restores by 1 each hour. Voting takes place in rounds of 1 week each.

At the end of each round top 5 coins will receive hexa badges based on their place. 5 hexa badges for 1st place down to 1 hexa badge for the 5th place. The badge is granted only in case of collecting a minimum of 100 votes. Once the coin receives 10 hexa badges, Bololex will start the listing process.

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