LanaCoin official mining pool

Mine LanaCoin on the official mining pool powered by Nomp. No registration required.

What do i need to get started?

Payouts are automatic. Fee is 1% on every proof of work block the pool finds. The 1% fee is distributed 50/50 to LanaCoin faucets (Official faucet and PoSWallet faucet)

How to configure your miner/rented sha256 rig?

Stratum url and port: stratum+tcp://

Username: YourLanaAddress (example: LYwVW59ruA1kYV5JgvG6q1h9B9eJpSawdq=

Password: Anything or 1234 or x

Proof of work block reward is 10.000 LANA.

LanaCoin can be traded on Cryptopia, PoSWallet and Yobit.

If you have any questions or issues dont visit the forum on BitcoinTalk.



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