Lana listed on FreiExchange

On march 5th 2020 Lana community got a pleasant surprize. LanaCoin got listed on Freiexchnage. FreiExchange is a modest but trustworthy exchange. Then don’t have a massive listing fee (mostly free, in fact) and don’t prop-up markets in any significant way. Nor do they create fake volume. So, please come and support LanaCoin at our … Read more

Stay at home and enjoy LanaVibes #StayAtHome

Friday night is coming soon and by now you are most likely missing your weekend nightlife. Just because you are at home doesnt mean you cant have some fun. This friday on the 10th of march 2020 at 8pm (Ljubljana time) we are having a Lana powered livestream featuring DJ Balboa from Studio Bitakt. You … Read more

Lana gets its own private PokerStars Club aka LanaCoin Stars

As LanaCoin community evolves so do use cases for LANA cryptocurrency. On january 5th 2020 an innitiative was made by a LanaCoin telegram group member to establish a private PokerStars club. The idea quickly turned into a reality and a private/homegames PokerStars club named “LanaCoin Stars” was born. How to join LanaCoin Stars club? Download … Read more

What is Bitcoin halving and does LanaCoin have one?

The year 2020 will bring upon the Bitcoin network its 3rd blockreward halving since the genesis block. Bitcoin miners initially received 50 BTC as a reward for securing the network. The block reward was cut in half to 25 BTC in late november 2012 and the second halving reduced the block reward to 12.5 BTC … Read more

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