Incoming first ever LanaCoin airdrop on Telegram

Over the last 4 years since Lanacoin genesis block we have made many efforts to giveaway/distibute $LANA coins.

A wise man on twitter said “never ever say no free cryptocurrency” regardless if you like the currency it or not.

As Lana is not an ico, not a crowdfunded blockchain venture, doesnt have any seed investors and is a pure organic launched public ledger, any $Lana coins that are given away by the founder or contributed by LanaCoin community have been either purchased on the open market, mined with sha256 miners or staked.

Now its time for another giveaway aka airdrop.

To participate in the upcoming airdrop you will require a valid Telegram messanger account and a valid Twitter account.

Airdrop is powered by a Telegram Bot. To participate message LanaCoin AirdropBot , follow the instructions and complete mandatory tasks.

Campain ends 10th june 2020 at 6AM (CET).

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