The most unique birthday present i could think of !

Why i created LanaCoin and what is the purpouse of the cryptoledger!

The idea for a personalized cryptocurrency is not brand new and it has been done before recently. I was actually inspired by my friend, who is at the same time my right hand man with the project and has done outstanding work that lead to the release of the source code and essential client wallets. For that i will be forever gratefull to him as will to all of you that support the idea and will hopefully honour the project by any collaborative work in the future. The most funny thing to mention is that this project finally unchained me from my microsoft sys admin seat and essentially forced me to do core setups of ubuntu servers along with opening a learning curve to the world of linux terminals.

Some of you will call LanaCoin a s..t coin and some of you will say its just a makebelieve story to make the coin more apealing but rest ashure i am a real person (see my forum sig / blockchain id) and LanaCoin is dedicated to my daughter for her 10th birthday. This doesnt make the coin hers and hers alone but is simply the most unique way for a geek father to say happy birthday.

I am not going to make any false promises on the development roadmap or the price of the cryptotoken, i can however promise to keep the seed node network alive and take upon me any costs of the projects essential services required for the network to stay alive, secure and updated.

Why i choose to release this unconventional gift for my daughter!

This one is actually quite simple. Because she is good at mathematics and she is also taking part in International math kenguru organized by Slovenian DMFA (Society of Mathematicians, Physicists and Astronomers of Slovenia) so what better way to compliment her on continuing her mathematical learning path than with a math based cryptotoken to work on im the future.

Some interesting numbers around LanaCoin that all somehow lead to the date of her birthday (7.may 2016 / 7.5.2016 )

Coin supply: 7,506,000,000 coins ( strangley the number is very close to world population at the time of writing 7,419,341,070)
P2P port: TCP 7506, RPC: 5706
Last PoW blokc in approx 7 years, PoS yearly reward 7%, fixed PoS reward halving every 5 years, minimum PoS age 7 hours, tx min conf 5 blocks, block time target 5 minutes.

From the respected cryptocommunity i only have one request! If you dont like, approve or want anything to do with the project/idea/coin/ledger…. please move along and if you must comment do it in a civilized manner without any explicit lyrics or insults. I understand that the sha256d is not an innovation but lets face it, every cryptotoken outhere today is essentially built from the core idea of the respected Satoshis whitepaper and the brilliant minds that got inspired to improve it. You can all rest ashure that in the future we will see a lot of personalized ledgers.

I thank you all for taking the time to ready these lines and specially to those who decide to take part in the project for any reason that suits you.

Finest regards to everyone from Jure, Lanas father.

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