Happy 10th birthday Lana

Lanacoin is a PoW/PoS-based cryptocurrency

Ticker: LANA

Type: PoW/PoS hybrid

PoW algorithm: sha256d PoS block hashing: sha256d

Max Coins: 7.506.000.000 (7.5+ bilion)

PoW reward: 10000 LANA (no halving) Last PoW block: 750000 (approx 7 years)

PoS reward: fixed 1000 LANA + 7% (yearly) PoS reward halving: 525600 (approx 5 years, halving only for fixed reward, 7% stays the same)

Minimum PoS age: 7 hours Maximum PoS age: unlimited

Block time target: 5 minutes

Difficulty retarget: every block

Coinbase maturity: 100 blocks

Transaction recommended minimum confirmations: 5 Minimal TX fee: 100 Lanoshis (0.00000100 LANA)

P2P port: 7506 RPC port: 5706

Testnet P2P port: 17506 Testnet RPC port: 15706

Estimated coins in existence after end of pow 4.068.900.000 (very very rough estimate, depends on how many people will be staking…etc)

vsenajboljše LANA_V2

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